Video games are a brilliant metaphor for life.

Freya Dawson
2 min readSep 17, 2020

Have you ever played a video game against AI ? One of those fully immersive experiences where your avatar is exploring a magnificent virtual world; having adventures, discovering treasure, collecting resources, solving puzzles and occasionally tussling with zombies. Like Minecraft, Skyrim or one of the Lego games.


I haven’t played much either. But I’ve watched my sons play countless hours. There was even a time, way way back when, that I didn’t entirely approve of their passion. When I made peace with the gaming (and embraced it) I began to see how amazing these games can be.

Recently, I’ve started to experience life much like one of those action-adventure video games.

I’m not playing against AI.

I’m not the avatar/character in the game.

I am the AI playing the game.

AI = Awareness Intelligence: an open, spacious liberated state of awareness.

You might call the AI by another name. Maybe Source or Oneness.

Maybe AI = Almighty Intelligence.

In any case, it’s not personal.

The avatar/character “Freya” is being breathed, walked around and played. She talks, thinks and experiences emotions.

AI is seeing the world through her eyes.

Sometimes the game is so immersive and intimate that the character completely forgets it’s a game and believes herself to be a separate being in a “real world”. She believes she’s doing the living, thinking and breathing. In fact, the game was designed this way. In this game the character “Freya” has spent most of her life believing that she is a separate, individual human. Then she gets to slowly “wake up” and realise what is going on. Sometimes there is full identification with the Freya character and sometimes things flip back to AI.

They are both cool experiences. Both perspectives are “valid”.

One tends to be full of stress and suffering and the other doesn’t.

The realisation of Awareness Intelligence dissolves stress and suffering. The emotions are still experienced, but from a different perspective or view. They also tend to pass by rather quickly.

The lightness and playfulness of Being; I wish it for you.

Do you see the game of life like this too?



Freya Dawson

I’m a parenting, unschooling and spiritual mentor and writer. I help parents live with their children without stress or struggle.