The ocean of loving peace.

Have you ever lost yourself in the sea?

I’m not asking whether you’ve been pulled through the surf by a rip and ended up half way to New Zealand.

I’m wondering whether you have ever found such stillness and ease while floating in the sea that your self dissolved and there was just Beingness?

I’ve been blessed with sea-induced Beingness since I was a child. It is true Bliss. The sense of a skin and a separate body disappears, the mind goes quiet and there is aliveness, vastness and loving peace.

This Beingness is a knowing, an experience, within each of us. It’s who we truly are, often hidden behind the veil of thought.

As well as being a portal to Beingness, the ocean is a beautiful metaphor for reality.

Every wave on the ocean, from a tiny ripple to a giant wave crashing into the beach is a unique form. They are born into form and they all disappear and die, but nothing is ever lost. No wave, however massive or beautiful, is ever separate from the ocean. No wave can harm another wave, even as one can appear to engulf another. No wave will ever suffer. Each wave and ripple has the same deep, loving peace of the whole ocean.

Humans are like waves on the ocean. We are unique, beautiful and temporary forms of energy and information born within the sea of Awareness, Oneness, God. Each form is composed of pure Aware Beingness. The form changes constantly; arising as thoughts, emotions, sensations, images and knowings.

There was an idea of separation, of individual people, that arose long, long ago and has been passed down countless generations. Each wave thought of itself as a distinct and separate creation that must be kept safe. They fought and suffered and feared death.

For thousands of years there have been those who have awakened from this belief in separation. Jesus lost himself and woke up. So did the Buddha and so have many, many people still “alive” today. So can you.

You may have had glimpses of Beingness while you floated in the sea, walked through a forest or lost yourself in music. Treasure those glimpses. Grow and deepen them. Relax into Beingness and lose your ideas about yourself more and more. Nothing is ever truly lost. No sacrifice is required.

Wishing you an ocean of deep loving peace and an end to all of our fears.

I’m a parenting, unschooling and spiritual mentor and writer. I help parents live with their children without stress or struggle.